Artist Statement 

Color Connections explores escapism through beautification, color,and artist self reflection through entertainment stars as symbolic tools.To immerse viewers into an euphoria like state they are encouraged to visually explore each chair and portrait as a way of giving the mind a break from the mundane, tedious routines, and stressful situations of modern life. These unique and quirky representations of transformed chairs are highly refined and crafted with found objects, silicone frosting, gems and other fibrous materials. The throne-like chairs and pastel portraits themselves are homage to the famous pop stars Kyrary Pamyu Pamyu, Trixie Mattel, Fran Drescher, and Dolly Parton. Each chair is designed to create a distinct look that channels each one of the pop stars' fashion sense and emphasizes characteristics of their personality to fully embody them as performers and influencers. 


An example of this would be how Fran Drescher within her hit show The Nanny is known for her very big wavy hair. In that show she was always seen getting ready and making her hair bigger and bigger for the sake of beauty and comedy. So for the chair to accurately represent this characteristic, I exemplify this connection between the chair and Fran Drescher's influence by overly decorating the chair with an abundance of decor such as ruffle wave piping and large gingham fabric to reference her hair texture.


Characteristics like hair, fashion, attitude, and performances that these pop stars have exemplified have led to have a significant impact on me since a very early age in life. They have influenced me by being trailblazers as women in the entertainment industry with high leadership skills and ambition. These women were the underdogs who worked hard in society to become more than a pretty face such as humanitarians,equal rights activists,business moguls etc. Learning about these women's lives have acted as tales of inspiration by showing me it is okay to be unapologetically yourself. By being themselves, they were able to work hard and achieve their goals that later earned them a spot in society as icons and legends. Similarly, I strive to achieve my professional goals as an artist and studio art professor while still expressing myself through art, fashion, attitude etc. to earn a glamorized lifestyle while affecting other young women like these artists did for me personally through their music, fashion, and performances.